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Release Day ~ Fragile ~ Veronica Short

Fragile by Veronica Short
Contemporary Romance
Released Oct 31st 2014


They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Whoever said that didn't have a family. It should be keep your friends close and you family closer. After all its family who can hurt you the most. I needed change, I needed a new life. Getting a job at a large hospital in another state was the way to do it. A way to get away from my old life, from the people who destroyed me. Working at a large hospital was a way to keep busy and to not procrastinate on my broken life, my old life, and it was working, until I met Rick Harvey. It started out as a favour for the mother I despised, but turned out to be something so much more that happened so fast, it knocked me on my ass. All I wanted to do was work my way up in the law firm I work at, make sure that my father is proud of me and doing well himself and to meet a girl that wouldn’t break my heart. That was the plan until I met Dr Lucy Jackson, my mother’s favour. Call her to make sure that she was ok, settled in. When that didn’t work out in the way that I had hoped, quick and easy, I was asked to go and see her, to make sure that she had all of her arms and legs. Big mistake. One look and I was a gonna. One look and I could see that she was fragile. As it turned out our story would be fragile.

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About the Author

Veronica Short lives in sunny Queensland, Australia with her son and large deaf guard dog. She has always had an interest in writing and has been writing since she was a child. After experiencing some of the world and being a teenage mother statistic as well as completing a Bachelor of Social Science at university she decided to take her writing back up and has self published her first novella Happening Now, followed by Love Obsessed, Love Separated, Olive and her novel Fragile. Veronica is a full time mum by day, full time writer by night. Her son doesn’t believe in sleeping so she finds plenty of time to write at night when the world is quiet and dark.

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I walked over and pulled the curtain back and stopped stunned. I didn’t want to see him or speak to him, but here he was in my ER. Deciding to keep it professional, I stepped into the small space and pulled the curtain closed and reached for the chart sitting on the end of the bed.

“I’m Dr. Jackson. They say you’ve been having headaches and dizzy spells?” I looked up at him and saw that he was smiling. “So help you, Rick, if you’re wasting my time right now I will give them a reason to admit you and it won’t be pleasant.”

“You weren't answering my calls or texts.”

“So, there’s nothing wrong with you then.”

“Lu, please hear me out.”

“I have actual patients who need to see me.” He stood up and came over to me, taking my hand but I pulled it away before he could get a good grip on it.

“I was out of line.”

Coming 31st Oct 2014

Release Day Blitz ~ Dueling Moons ~ Laura Del



Freelance writer Pat Wyatt is at it again in this darkly comedic novel about supernatural love, horrible bosses, and the occasional bloodthirsty monster.
In an attempt to escape her abusive vampire husband, Pat moves to a small Louisiana town with her werewolf lover, Mike.
Any hopes at a quieter life are soon dashed as Pat must wrangle with a tyrannical new boss while trying to convince Mike to go to his pack for desperately needed financial help—an idea that seems good in theory, until Pat is sucked into the chaotic world of werewolf drama.
Meanwhile, a mysterious monster unlike anything anyone has ever seen circles closer.
Can Pat discover the creature’s true nature before it’s too late?


Book 1

Book 2





Laura Del has her bachelor’s degree in radio, television, and film from Rowan University. She currently lives in New Jersey, where she runs the blogging website

Cover Reveal ~ Reminiscence ~ Sara V. Zook

Cover Reveal

Reminiscence Cover

Book Title: Reminiscence 
Author: Sara V. Zook 
Genre: Paranormal YA 
Release Date: November 2014 


Abuse.  Torment.

Saint’s undying love for her.

A witch—or four.  The world’s most powerful spell.  The creation of the unnatural.

Her undying love for Draco.

A war is brewing between the Light, the Dark and the Unknown.

In the midst of it all stands Sarenah.  Her memories have returned as she rewinds the past in order to move forward with her future so she can reclaim what, or who, belongs only to her, but will she be able to accept the disturbing secrets that go along with the reminiscence?


In the midst of dragging trees, I saw Sarenah sitting on the back porch, her dress hiked up around her thighs from the heat as she was thumbing through a book.  She wasn’t even acknowledging the fact that I was there, nor did she care that I could see her bare legs.  She was being totally inappropriate and rude at the same time … and I liked it.  I felt intrigued to my very core, so much that I had to go over and say something to her.
“Hey,” I mumbled.
Without looking up, she reiterated, “Hey.”
My frustration grew as I clenched my fingers into my palms.  “Is that book so interesting that you can’t even talk to me?”
That had gotten her attention.  She slammed the book shut and stood up, the dress falling back down around her ankles.
“Are you so interesting that I can’t even read my book?”  Her dark eyes were wild and she was glaring at me as if she wanted me to spontaneously combust.  “Don’t you have a job to do?  Look at this mess.”  Her eyes moved to the yard.  “All of these branches everywhere.  My uncle will have your hide.”
She was so angry.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wiped the sweat from my brow with the back of my hand and busted out laughing.
Sarenah’s hands moved to her hips.  I thought she was about to hit me.
I threw up hands up in defense.  “I’m …”  The laughter got the best of me again.  “I’m sorry, Sarenah.”  I flashed her an apologetic grin.  “It’s just, I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard you talk so much and you’re spatting off at me like some crazy person.”
Her gaze had softened then.  She bit her bottom lip so she wouldn’t crack a smile herself.  “A crazy person, huh?”
I nodded, stopping to really get a good look at Sarenah’s face, her stunning features and the way her dark eyes popped out in a terrific way.  This was Rebecca’s sister?  I had been missing out.  Sarenah’s strange ways evaporated into enticement before me.

I spent the rest of the evening listening to Sarenah talk as I took all of it in.  The tree branches were still scattered all over the yard, but I doubted her uncle would be back anytime soon to discover the mess.  Everyone knew he lived at the saloon.  She talked mostly about her parents.  She had a deep ache from the loss inside of her.  She was in a great deal of pain that I felt my own heart hurting along with hers, for her.  I found myself wrapping my arm around her and her actually letting me get away with it, but I wasn’t in it to try to make a move.  I found myself wanting to comfort Sarenah, tell her everything was going to be okay.  I wanted her to trust me and continue to confide in me.  She leaned her head against my shoulder, being content to be there with me.  It felt incredible as if I had been able to tame her so easily.  She was feisty but now so serene.  I could’ve lived in that moment forever and been completely content to just be lucky enough to be near her, to smell the flower fragrance in her hair as it fell down across my arm.  I rubbed her shoulder with my fingertips.  She started humming, the sound making the chaos within me only increase.  It was in that moment that I had leaned over and my lips found hers.  It had been brief but magnificent, and I was wondering if my mind was ever going to be the same.

  Meet the Author 

Sara V. Zook is a paranormal/fantasy writer. She is the author of the Strange in Skin Trilogy, Clipped, Evanescent, Book 1 in The Sempiternal Series and A Magic Within. She lives in Pennsylvania with her 3 small children and husband.

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Release Package ~ Chaos (Unhinged #3) ~ Timberlyn Scott


The secrets are still there, plaguing me, disrupting my everyday life, only now... the unthinkable has happened.


Payton insists that it is time that I deal with the lies that seem to make up my entire existence, the ones that have produced the chaos in my head. I don’t know if she realizes it, but if it weren’t for her being by my side, I don’t know how I would survive.


Everything is unfolding right before my eyes, the truth is being revealed and there are people who don’t want us to be together, but as I have vowed before, no one will keep her from me.

Payton is my anchor in the waves that are crashing through my life and I will do anything to keep her safe.

My name is Sebastian Trovato and this is the conclusion of my story.

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If you are wondering who I am, then I'm here to tell you. Timberlyn is the sweeter alter ego of New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards.

I can hear the question now... Why? Why do you have another pen name?

It actually came about when a storyline developed in my head. As I saw it coming together, I knew it was vastly different than what Nicole Edwards writes. So, it was then that I was created.

Anyway... Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you did.

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