Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trust Me? by K E Osborn ~ Review

It all started with a car crash.

Jeni, having one of "those" days, is hit from behind while on the way to work. Beyond mad, as her morning went from bad to worse, she rips into the man who hit her from behind. Handing over her info, she continues to work.

Jeni, a receptionist at an auto repair shop, makes an appointment to have a car looked at. Little does she know who it is that is bringing the car in.

Jeni is shocked when she realizes the customer, Aiden, is the man who hit her car. She's shocked that she didn't notice how gorgeous he was earlier that morning. And even more shocked when he asks her out to dinner.

Aiden, floored by Jeni as she lets him have it after the crash, knows he has to see her again.  Aiden is a wealthy businessman, groomed by his father to be just like him.  When he lays eyes on Jeni, suddenly business doesn't seem so top priority.

Aiden and Jeni come together with electricity and issues. Jeni, having been hurt badly before, has a hard time trusting. Aiden is desperate to have her, but he needs to work hard to earn her trust.

These two encounter quite a few obstacles in their relationship. Family interference, embezzlement, and biggest of all is trust.

I'm giving this story 4 stars, as I really did enjoy the beginning of Aiden and Jeni's story.

~Marie 0, review based on a free ARC received for an honest review on behalf of This Redhead LOVES Books Blog~

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