Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love Me? by K E Osborn ~ Review ~

In this, the 2nd book in the Trust Me? Trilogy, Love Me? picks up right where Trust Me? ended.

The cliff hanger that had us biting our nails at the end of the first story is resolved rather quickly in this book, but new threats start to show themselves.

Jeni is still haunted by her trust issues, and each time she thinks she is settled and secure, something else comes along and throws her off kilter. 

Aiden is continually trying to earn and keep Jeni's trust and her love, but is what he is doing enough?

A darkness from the past comes and the two are torn apart. Can Jeni find her way back, and if she does, can she trust Aiden fully?

I give this book 4 stars.  The story around Aiden and Jeni keeps me wanting to know more at the same time I want to slap some sense into Jeni. I do look forward to the conclusion in this series, I just really want to know where Jeni and Aiden go from here.

~Marie 0, review based on a free ARC received for an honest review on behalf of This Redhead LOVES Books Blog~

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