Sunday, February 7, 2016


BANNER_Cosgrove Detective Stan Brookshire is back in the fifth book in his series! The Widowmaker is one twisted killer, and the book by the same title will not be at .99 for long! Grab it while the #special #preorder price is in effect here:   A fifteen-year-old unsolved case is still causing problems - this time in Homicide Detective Stan Brookshire's backyard. Newlyweds seem to be an endangered species in and around Lake City. What evidence there is, lies with a small-town sheriff and may or may not have been gathered and handled properly. Stan can only hope to make sense of what's been left behind and apply it to the recent case before more innocent lives are lost. Meanwhile, Father Jaime cannot remember anything for entire periods of time... periods that happen to coincide with the times that the murders took place. He is tormented by this and has come to doubt even himself. Can he trust this big city cop to handle this information with an open mind? Or will he immediately be persecuted? He worries the whole town will look bad, having worshipped under a potential killer all these years... It's up to Stan and Jane to get to the bottom of the murders before the killer strikes again. This time, they need help from the outside - will they get to the bottom of this, or will they take the easy bait destroying more lives in their wake? COVER_Widowmaker

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