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Blog Tour ~ Strum ~ Cari Silverwood

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Yet another erotic parody where a light is shone on all the dirty, crazy, squishy things dwelling in your romances. When a stag party goes terribly wrong, Virginia Chaste loses her memory of all the best bits of her fiancé, Karl whatsisface. She awakens with her tongue stuck to the castle floor, a suspicion that someone kissed her, a missing fiancé, and no idea what will happen next. Luckily Dangerous Bob can show her the way. All she has to do is join Zagan Grimm, rock star and demon, he of the radioactive cock, to retrieve the ultimate sex book, the Necrosexi-texmexicon, from the depths of the Zon, then she can get her fiancé back, even if she’d rather sell his castle and make a million dollars. Then she absolutely has to remember not to have a spectacular, tentacular ménage with Zagan and Karl whatsisface. With so many things to remember, Virginia may forget the last one. Yes, a big, fat warning to all those with pristine, well-vacuumed minds: Here Be Tentacles.


My spleen ALSO fainted.

Dear. God.

Cari Silverwood is going to get me arrested, lobotomized -They're coming to take me away, ha ha! They're coming to take me away, hee hee!-, or lynch-mobbed for general acts of reading-induced hysteria.

Seriously. I will read this series forever. I was laughing at the beginning with the amnesia (convenient-much?) and I was completely insensible by the time I got to the Purgatory concert complete with dino-porn jokes. EVERYONE should laugh at dino-porn. It's worth laughing at even if one is never brave/insane/somethingelseentirely enough to read it for oneself.

Karl Whatshisname really should have looked out for that Necrosexi-texmexicon since, c'mon, that just SOUNDS evil, right? Plus? Without Ash Williams around to defeat it (or Asmodeus, since we all know he could totes handle it), he's just asking to be thrown tentacles-first into the Zon. Duh.

I swear, if you think you're on acid reading this review? I'm stone-cold sober, feel as if I'm tripping monkey balls, and want to read it again because it was that awesome of a trip.

Five stars have never been so easy to give! Way to go, Virginia Chaste! You're my favorite female protagonist ever since I completely envy your mental prowess with sizing up the competition! I swear, if I were to ever go to the Zon? I'd totally need to take you with me because it sounds exactly like the Weird Part of Amazon I somehow manage to find myself in after spending too much time on Tumblr. ~ Shandra Torbett, This Redhead LOVES Books

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Author Bio

cari silverwood

Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of BDSM stories and dark erotic fiction.

She writes the way the world should be - dangerous and sexy with bullets piercing the darkness and lovers wrenched close by ropes. When you need escape, when you need that rough lover to bring you to your knees, here you will find stories to singe your fingers. The taste of adventure, the tang of BDSM, the burn of fantasy run wild. Brace yourselves, if you dare to read. And...in this real world, she has a lovely family in Australia, with the prerequisite teenager who dwells in the dark bedroom catacombs...a husband who raises eyebrows when he catches glimpses of what she writes, and a menagerie of other animals barking, meowing, and swimming about the place.



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