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Blog Tour ~ Love Shots ~ Sidonia Rose

Title: Love Shots 
Author: Sidonia Rose 
Genre: New Adult 
Date: April 4, 2014 
Publisher: Self Published 
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Kyle Pierce used to know what she wanted. At the top of her list was the perfect boyfriend. She found him in Lance Makin her senior year in high school. She was the head cheerleader and he was the new star quarterback. Even going to separate colleges was no problem for them. It was perfect until the weekend it all changed for Kyle. She has new priorities that include her own education, making new friends and most importantly NO DATING! That is until Nicholas Richards moves into her world. He’s not taking no for an answer. He’s her friend and he wants her to date him. Kyle isn’t going to date Nick. She doesn’t mind hanging out or running errands. She tells him and everyone else they are friends. Can they really be just friends?

Character Interview with George

Everyone seems to like Kyle’s big brother George.  We have him here with us today and we are going to ask him about the prank rules.  They seem pretty serious.  What embarrassing stories are behind them?

“George we are glad you are here.”

George is sitting on the opposite side of the table.  He speaks up quickly, “Glad to be here.  You had some questions about Kyle or something?”

“We actually wanted to ask about the prank rules.  In the book they seemed to be pretty serious.”

He leans forward and rests his elbows on the table.  “The rules were put in place a few years ago because we have done a lot pranks over the years.  We have all had out turn at being in trouble a time or two because of them too.”

“I’m looking at the list of rules and these seem to be well thought out.  I’m not going to give them all here, but what can you tell us.”

He sits back from the table; he is clearly uncomfortable.  “Our parents were pretty strict with us growing up.  Three boys in the house and we could get into some trouble.  One summer we started playing pranks and we got in less trouble.  It just kind of stuck.”

Holding up the rules, “We want to know about the ER visits.”

He rubs the back of his head and responds, “No way!  Pick something else.”

Looking back over the list he mentions, “I’ll tell you the reason for rule two, no rodents.”

When we were all younger, Sean’s class had a pet rat.  Over breaks and weekends the pet would have to go home with someone.  Sean got the rat for Thanksgiving weekend.  Mom wasn’t happy about it but the teacher assured her it would not get out of the cage.

Dean and I decided to trick Sean.  We wanted to make him think his rat died.  We took his rat out of the cage and put it in a shoebox.  We replaced the pet with a fake rat.

The pet rat chewed through the box and was loose in the house.  The fake wasn’t found.  Mom did however find what she thought was a fake rat in her shoe.  I was always putting this old rubber rat in her shoes trying to scare her. 

I had just done it the week before.  This time though, she found the live rat.

After that, Dad made the rules and over the years he had changed them a bit as we got more devious.  The ER visits, yeah there were a lot of them.

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About the Author

Sidonia Rose lives in suburban Maryland with her family. Sidonia has a long love affair with books. She started early by memorizing her Dr. Seuss books read to her, so she could read them to her parents instead. She is often found with a book in her hands or a couple of books so she can lend to a friend. You can often spot her by her toe shoes. After a long career homeschooling she continued onward to pursue her love of books by writing her own books. Love Shots is her first novel released in 2014.

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